Youth Room
Starting September 13th, 10am

The book of I Corinthians shows many similarities between the church of 2,000 years ago and today.  The church in Corinth (which was a very sinful, worldly, large city of influence) was undergoing great attack from Rome, the Jews, and most of all Satan.  So, they called in the one who planted that church, to help bring unity and sanctity into God’s church.  That man was Paul.  We will study how his influence, by way of the Holy Spirit, built that church into a great witness for a dying world.  Sounds like we need that influence today...and we do.


Learning Center (Please enter via the office or Academy St.)
Starting September 13th, 10am

If you want to be a Christian you must meet Jesus.  If you want to understand Jesus you must study the New Testament.  If you want to understand the New Testament you must study the Old Testament.  If you want to understand the Old Testament you must study the book of Deuteronomy.  Join us in the Learning Center on Sunday, September 13 at 10AM  as we delve into this "Key book" to unlocking the Old Testament.  You will meet Jesus in a deeper way as you do.

Book of JOHN

Currently meeting at an alternate time and location, please contact the church office for more details.

This class studies chapter by chapter with theological reflections and life applications.


Youth Room (Currently Not Meeting)

When our priorities are homeward, strong families will emerge.  Strong families yield strong communities & strong churches.  Our purpose is to equip families with kids in the home to be a reflection of God’s family and a good example for the world to see through periodic family focused classes.  We strive to have engaging environments to encourage spiritual growth, healthy marriages, and connected relationships. We are currently taking a break.  Keep a look out for the next series.