"Zeal for the Glory of God motivates World Missions."

-John Piper

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations"

-Matthew 28:19

As Jesus was about to leave this earth, He gave one of the most challenging, yet encouraging commands He spoke; "Go and make disciples of all nations... behold I am with you always." We believe every believer has a heart to see the Gospel of Christ reach everyone. At Bethel we are so excited for the many missionaries we support and partner with. Get to know them and if you would like to send them an encouraging note fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Join us in praying for our missionaries as they are taking the Gospel to all nations.

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Josh and Ashley Freeman

Togo, Africa

Josh & Ashley serve with the 6 Degree Initiative in Togo, West Africa, where they will be engaging unreached people groups through church planting and disciple making.

Bob and Debbie Long


Bob and Debbie Long are developing leaders in the Philippines.  Bob is teaching youth ministry, Bible, and leadership development at the Baptist Theological College (BTC) and the Cebu Graduate School of Theology (CGST).  Debbie is co-teaching a Creative Communications course at BTC while helping students strengthen their English skills.

Brandon and Catherine Samuel


Brandon and Cat Samuel currently serve as US-based missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. As a Mobilizer and Church Relationships Facilitator, Brandon provides the guidance and training needed to equip local churches and the next generation of missionaries into God's path for them within Bible Translation. Cat serves as a project manager, coordinating project initiatives from initial evaluation through product launch to fulfill the Wycliffe's strategic direction.

Bob and Sue Kummer


Bob and Sue Kummer are serving a growing local body of believers in Sesto Calende, Italy.

Bill Leonhard


Bill serves with Wycliffe as a Partnership Development Coach. As a P.D. Coach, he supervises new members, providing direction and accountability to them as they build their prayer and financial partner teams.

Cody and Chelesse Custer


Cody and his wife, Chelesse, along with their four daughters, were appointed by TWR to Guam in early 2020. Cody will be working as the facilities manager on the island of Guam. This includes maintaining and repairing the broadcasting equipment (towers and antennas), as well as the ground and facilities, to ensure that biblical truth continues to be broadcast on a daily basis throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Dan and Tina Gibbs


Dan & Tina Gibbs serve in Gembu, Nigeria, South Africa.
Dan & Tina are thankful for answered prayer regarding their expired work permits. The permits were renewed and they were given permanent ones to return to South Africa. They are also thankful for the medical equipment they received from Global Health that will help with their HIV/AIDS work.

Jami Strandberg


Jami Strandberg ministers in Guadalajara, Mexico. God has blessed Jami with people skills and gifts in evangelism that are a tremendous asset to the team in Mexico. Jami is working alongside Mexican believers to start new churches.

John and Janet Baxter

Central Philippines

Responding to this great mission opportunity, Converge Worldwide appointed John as the Director of Diaspora Ministries. In this role, John is helping Converge missionaries and churches, in North America and abroad, to work effectively among least-reached, migrating people groups.

The Baxters’ primary ministry objective is evangelism and discipleship of members of unreached people groups wherever they reside by training immigrant, Christian workers from the Global South who live and work in 10/40 Window countries, and by assisting churches and mission agencies to evangelize least-reached immigrant groups that reside among them.

Marie Fredrickson


Marie Fredrickson serves with InterVarsity as a Field Operations Director for the region of Indiana and Illinois. Marie helps create systems, structures, events, and communication to equip staff as they serve college students and faculty at campuses throughout the region.

Lee and Regina Bloch

Southern Brazil

Lee (American) & Regina (Brazilian) are church-planting missionaries serving in Brazil through Central Missionary Clearinghouse. Their goal is to plant churches in least-reached areas of Southern Brazil and to help Brazilian churches multiply and develop Great Commission pathways into all the world. Lee and Regina want to see the Gospel preached to the least reached—those who have never heard of Jesus.

Mike and Ann Wheeler


Mike is a professor of New Testament and theology and the academic dean at the Bible Seminary in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Ann works with various ministries, like the radio station, Mosoj Chaski, to help them improve their administration and stability.

Paul and Ana Hill


Paul & Ana Hill are establishing Cabildo Church in the city of Santiago del Estero, preparing the leadership it will need for a vision of church planting.  A daughter church in a very marginal area has been established as a regional church that will impact a 20k radius with small groups, discipling, leadership training, water provision and sustainable development.

Peter and Heather Hanson


The Hansons will be based in Poznań, Poland, where they will be involved with the 15:5 West Initiative, which seeks to start a gospel movement in Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. They will assist Evangelical Poland, a coalition of church leaders working together for resourcing, training, and outreach, through media training and the creation of videos. They will also serve the local church and engage their friends and neighbors in Gospel-focused conversation.

Tim Nash


The Christian Development Center is a ministry based in Tecate, Mexico designed to promote healthy church growth within the city through one-on-one coaching, in-church workshops and city-wide events.  Tim Nash, Converge missionary operates and oversees this ministry.

Tim and Amy Moline


Tim and Amy are training the next generation of pastors, missionaries, Bible translators, Christian educators and lay ministers for the growing church in Cameroon where 50% of the churches have an untrained pastor.

Todd and Michelle Rodeffer

Youth For Christ

Todd and Michelle organize the youth ministry in Bushnell. They plan and execute many events to share the gospel and to help believers grow in their faith. Todd grew up at Bethel.

Brad and Deb
(Last name withheld)

Location withheld for security reasons

Brad and Deb focus on sharing the gospel of Jesus with Muslims, assisting the poor and disenfranchised, and strengthening the fledgling evangelical community of believers in the sub-Saharan area.
Due to security issues where Brad and Deb currently serve, we don't show their picture or any identifying information.

Dan and Patty 
(Last Name Withheld)

South Asia

Dan and Patty lead a team whose vision is to make the gospel available to everyone in their region in South Asia and to make disciples who make disciples which grow into networks of house churches.  Because of government policies, they are unable to safely identify themselves without jeopardizing their work or the work of those they help.  They serve a unifying role between existing native churches, ministries, and grassroots movements as well as meeting with their own new friends who are exploring following Jesus.

(Last name withheld)

Location withheld for security reasons

Margalit is doing her best to bring cultures that have been warring for centuries together by faith in Christ.
Due to security issues where Margalit currently serve, we don't show her picture or any identifying information.