Senior Pastor Transition

Frequently Asked Question

1. What's happening now?
With our interim Pastor Mike Frantz, the staff, and elders continue to provide stable leadership, our search team is interviewing well vetted candidates provided by the Converge Placement Network.  Please continue to pray as they work through this discernment process.

2. How are we going about finding a new Senior Pastor?
A Search Team has formed and approved by the congregation.  We are utilizing the Converge Placement Network  to find the right man for this position.  A video highlighting how this works can be found HERE.
The Converge Placement Network exists to help churches make this decision with wisdom, knowledge and Spirit-led confidence. Once the search team presents a lead candidate to the Board of Elders, if approved by the Elders, he will then be presented to the congregation for candidating and congregational approval.  
We expect to have names from the Converge Placement Network shortly and will begin the interview process.

3. What happens next?
Expect to hear regular updates about the search process.

4. How long will it take to find a new Senior Pastor?
Putting together a search team, assessing candidates, and going through the candidating and congregational approval process is no quick task.  The Converge Placement Network has found that this process averages 9-12 months.

5. Why Did Pastor Scott Leave?
Pastor Scott was asked to serve as a pastor at a church in northern Colorado.  After much prayer and discernment, Scott and Heather decided to accept this position.  They believe this is a strategic time for a transition as their older kids are off to college and their youngest son Max is in elementary school.  While they do have family in Colorado, they are also now closer to a major airport and will be more accessible to their aging parents in Washington State. His last Sunday was August 1, 2021. (Pastor Scott's Resignation Email)

6. If I know someone who might be a good fit as our Senior Pastor what should I do?
Please direct them to our Converge Placement Network HERE.

7. How can I find out more information?
Feel free to contact the Elders with further questions by emailing them HERE.
Continue to check back to this page for updated information.